The 2003 programme at the International Museum of Ceramics in Faenza is characterized by the exhibition devoted to the results of the 53rd International Competition of Contemporary Ceramics, the renowned Faenza Prize; the eagerly awaited event devoted to the world of ceramics.

After a careful examination of the selected works, the International Jury composed by Luciano Caramel, Giuseppe Lucietti and Wilhelm Siemen, has unanimously decided to award the "Faenza Prize" (supported by the Foundation "Banca del Monte e Cassa di Risparmio Faenza") to the work Nought by the artist Nishida Jun, Japan.
The work exalt the finality of the Prize as specified in the regulations of the Competition "it aims at stimulating the research, the renewal of the techniques and materials, shapes and way of expression". The artist used in a masterly way and with a great originality the feldsphatic porcelain in a reduction of 1240°. The result has a great strength of expression and it is new in the creation of the shape; it testifies the skill in using the deep knowledge of the material and of the techniques, the result is not only a perfect work from a technical point of view but, it is an important ceramic work. The image is linked to the cultural background of the artist, without being passively limited by the obedience to the tradition.

More than 1200 artworks - from 62 nations - was send to partecipate to the International Competition. Among the 37 authors selected the Jury has also unanimously decided to award other nine artists: Sophie Ronse (Belgium), Nicholas Lees (Great Britain), Nobuyuki Ogawa, Keiko Iwanaga and Hiroshi Ikehata (Japan), Vula Gunela (Greece),Anne Kuckelhaus (Germany),Wolfgang Vegas (Venezuela) and Meng Zhao (People's Republic of China).

From June 7 to December 31, 2003, an exhibition will shows - together with the 9 winners - all the works made by 37 selected artists, coming from Japan, con ben 11 presenze, Germany, People's Republic of China, Great Britain, Slovenia, Italy, Thailandia, Venezuela, Canada, Denmark, India, Greece, Finland, Polonia, Egypt, Sweden, Belgium, Mexico, Croatia, Australia, Bulgaria, United States.

The side international events devoted to Ceramics 2003 will include the exhibition of a selection of works from the countries part of the Competition "The shape between tradition and innovation"; a solo-exhibition devoted to Ana Cecilia Hillar, winner of the past "Faenza Prize"; works made by young italian students to partecipate to the Competition "Ceramic Art" devoted to the Italian Institutes of Art: the theme is "Tea for two".

The winners of the 53rd International Competition of Contemporary Ceramics

Nishida Jun
"Faenza Prize" supported by the Foundation "Banca del Monte e Cassa di Risparmio di Faenza" for Nought.
Sophie Ronse
Silver Medal of The President of The Republic for Nihil.
Nicholas Lees
Silver Plaque of the President of the Senate of Italian Republic for Earthgrip and Wormhole.
Hiroshi Ikehata
Medal of the Chamber of the Deputies for Global Warming.
Vula Gunela
Silver Plaque of the Emilia-Romagna District for Protomorfo.
Keiko Iwanaga
Plaque of The Board of Directors of Emilia Romagna District forUruma.
Nobuyuki Ogawa
Plaque of "Camera di Commercio, Industria, Artigianato e Agricoltura di Ravenna" for Silence.
Anne Kückelhaus
Medal of The Lions Club Faenza Host for Kreis 2001 and Strang II 2002.
Wolfgang Vegas
Golden Medal by The Rotary Club in Faenza for The lake of the landscape.
Meng Zhao
Golden Medal in Memory of Mr. Eleuterio Ignazi for Rock in Sunglow.

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edited by:
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