Milan - April 5th / 10th, 2006


Simone Micheli, Ata Collection, ADRENALINA Simone Micheli, Motonda, ADRENALINA Simone Micheli, Pan Collection, ADRENALINA Simone Micheli, S'ims Collection, ADRENALINA Simone Micheli, S-Oft, ADRENALINA
Ata – armchair and sofa by Simone Micheli –, Motonda – eccentric armchair by Simone MicheliPan – poufs collection by Simone Micheli –, S'ims – seat homage to Charles Eames by Simone Micheli –, S-Oft – modular seating system by Simone Micheli –, Tip – unusual "sitting idea" covered in Swarovski's Crystal Glaze by Simone Micheli –, Ubo collection – sofas and armchair by Simone Micheli.

Marco Acerbis, Fly, ALIAS Alberto Meda, Rollingframe+, ALIAS Alberto Meda, Setes, ALIAS Alfredo Häberli, TT, ALIAS Alfredo Häberli, Taormina, ALIAS
Fly – chair both light-weight and sturdy, accurate and innovative by Marco Acerbis –, Rollingframe+ – easy to use and ergonomically styled armchair by Alberto Meda –, Meetingframe+ – seat rested on four spokes by Alberto Meda –, Setes – bench by Alberto Meda –, Frametable – table with a DecorFlou glass top by Alberto Meda –, TT – set of padded seats by Alfredo Häberli –, Taormina – padded armchair by Alfredo Häberli.

 Vincent Van Duysen, Cousy, ARFLEX  Christophe Pillet, J13, ARFLEX Carlo Colombo, Glitter, ARFLEX  Carlo Colombo, Darwin, ARFLEX Carlo Colombo, Shape, ARFLEX
Cousy – system of seatings with solid beechwood structure by Vincent Van Duysen –, J3 – seating obtained from a unique rigid polyurethane shape which is shiny painted in different colours by Christophe Pillet –, Glitter – sideboard in ebony and glass by Carlo Colombo –, Darwin – system of modular seatings by Carlo Colombo –, Shape – rectangular table with a single ebony board top by Carlo Colombo –, Cocca – armchair by Carlo Colombo –, Fiorenza – expressive armchair by Franco Albini –, Toys – seat by Marco Piva –, Mac T – easy chair by Marcello Cuneo.

  Alberto Lievore, Jeannette Altherr, Manel Molina, Catifa 46, ARPER Alberto Lievore, Jeannette Altherr, Manel Molina, Catifa 53, ARPER Alberto Lievore, Jeannette Altherr, Manel Molina, Catifa 53 Bench, ARPER   Alberto Lievore, Jeannette Altherr, Manel Molina, Catifa 70, ARPER  Alberto Lievore, Jeannette Altherr, Manel Molina, Catifa 80, ARPER
Catifa 46 – multi-functional seats by Lievore-Altherr-Molina –, Catifa 53 – seat in double-curved plywood by Lievore-Altherr-Molina –, Catifa 53 Bench – seat by Lievore-Altherr-Molina –, Catifa 70 – seat covered in a choice of fabric or leather by Lievore-Altherr-Molina –, Catifa 80 – seat by Lievore-Altherr-Molina –, Leaf – collection of seats by Lievore-Altherr-Molina –, Dizzie – collection of tables in MDF by Lievore-Altherr-Molina –, Aston – lounge armchair by Jean-Marie Massaud –, Babar – barstool with soft integral polyurethane seat and plastic covering by Simon Pengelly –, Dream and Pamplona – by Gianantonio Perin and Giorgio Topan –, Corte – collection by Rodolfo Dordoni –, Oasi, Ston, Palm, Norma and Duna – seats by Lievore-Altherr-Molina.

Patrick Norguet, Boson T, ARTIFORT Patrick Norguet, Lilla, ARTIFORT Michiel van der Kley, Conco, ARTIFORT René Holten, Kirk T, ARTIFORT René Holten, Mare Romance, ARTIFORT
Boson – seat by Patrick Norguet –, Boson T – table by Patrick Norguet –, Lilla – seat by Patrick Norguet –, Conco – seat with rounded body by Michiel van der Kley –, Kirk – arm-chair by René Holten –, Kirk T – table by René Holten –, Mare – sleek sofa by René Holten –, Mare Table – table by René Holten –, Mare Romance – coloured sofa by René Holten –, Troy – chair by Bert van der Aa –, Slick – table by Toine van den Heuvel –, Little Globe and Butterfly Chair – seats by Pierre Paulin –, C 248 – sofa by Geoffrey Harcourt –, Vega – armchair by Jasper Morrison –, Nina – armchair by René Holten.

Biagio Cisotti, Sandra Laube, Fleurs, B.R.F. Jacob Pringiers, Curva, B.R.F. Paolo Grasselli, Ercolina, B.R.F.
Fleurs – cupboard by Biagio Cisotti and Sandra Laube –, Curva – sofà collection by Jacob Pringiers –,Ercolina – chaise-longue by Paolo Grasselli.

Arik Lévy, Folded, BALERI ITALIA Arik Lévy, Sam, BALERI ITALIA Jeff Miller, Bigbend, BALERI ITALIA Jeff Miller, Littlebig, BALERI ITALIA Jeff Miller, Plato, BALERI ITALIA
Folded – coffe-table with faceted planes by Arik Lévy –, Sam – table by Arik Lévy –, Bigbend sculptural in form table but light, planar and open by Jeff Miller –, Littlebig – plywood seat by Jeff Miller –, Plato – white Carrara marble sidetable by Jeff Miller –, Modè – family of cabinets by Bruno Rainaldi –, VDB – table with aluminium frame by Roel Vandebeek + eb&c.

 Antonio Citterio, Arne, B&B Naoto Fukasawa / Shelf, B&B Patricia Urquiola, Tufty-Time, B&B Patricia Urquiola, Shift, B&B  Monica Armani, The Table, B&B
Arne – sofas and storage units by Antonio Citterio –, Shelf – bookcase in white acrylic resin Natural Acrylic Stone LG by Naoto Fukasawa –, Tufty-Time – upholstery in leather by Patricia Urquiola –, Shift – storage-bookcases by Patricia Urquiola –, The Table – tables, consoles, low tables in different sizes with metal structure by Monica Armani –, Athos – new series of matching cabinets by Paolo Piva.

  Joe Colombo, Book Box, BERNINI Joe Colombo, Living Bed, BERNINI  Joe Colombo, Bell Chair, BERNINI Noriyuki Ebina, Strider Chair, BERNINI   Gaetano Pesce, Luigi Nuovo, BERNINI
Book Box – modular bookcases by Joe Colombo –, Living Bed – bed with a reclining headboard and a footboard with a bridge structure that slides on wheels by Joe Colombo –, Bell Chair – armchair by Joe Colombo –, Strider Chair – chair by Noriyuki Ebina –, Luigi Nuovo – bookcase by Gaetano Pesce –, Tola – table by Carlo Scarpa –, Carega – chair by Tobia Scarpa –, Sanluca – armchair by Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni –, Incontro – armchair by Lella and Massimo Vinelli –, Torre Combi Center – symbolic masterpiece by Joe Colombo –, Riga – geometric chair by M. Marconato and T. Zappa –, Amerique – table by Pier Federico Caliari and A. Arnaldi –, Flaps – table by Naghi Habib –, Serie 0+1, Bookshelves, Chairs, Scaligera, X.12, Romeo e Giulietta – by Franco Poli –, Zibaldone, Serie 1934, Serie 1935 e Kentucky – bookcases and chairs by Carlo Scarpa –, 543 Broadway – chair by Gaetano Pesce –, Su misura – table by Toshiyuky Kita.

Karim Rashid, Skip Lounge, BONALDO Karim Rashid, Skipping, BONALDO Karim Rashid, Dragon, BONALDO Karim Rashid, Dragonfly, BONALDO Mario Mazzer, Raja, BONALDO
Skip Lounge – easy chair by Karim Rashid –, Skipping – stool by Karim Rashid –, Dragon and Dragonfly – table and chaise-longue by Karim Rashid –, Tree – rotational molding coat stand by Mario Mazzer –, Raja – upholstered chair by Mario Mazzer –, Berlin – easy chair with a very original shape by Stefan Heiliger –, Victor and Victoria – chairs by Claudio Dondoli and Marco Pocci –, Balou – leather covered chair by James Brönte –, Cube – pouf-table by Kaori Shiina –, Pad and Surfer – double bed and table by Giuseppe Viganò–, Taò and Lei – table and chair by Claudio Dondoli and Marco Pocci –, Twice and Kudo – tables by Mauro LippariniFlap – innovative table by Karim Rashid

Erresse Studio, Ala, BONTEMPI Erresse Studio, Axel, BONTEMPI Erresse Studio, Foulard, BONTEMPI Erresse Studio, Jazz, BONTEMPI Studio 28, Discovery, BONTEMPI
Ala, Aqua and Felix – stackable chair by Erresse Studio –, Airo, Axel, Mago e Mose' – tables by Erresse Studio –, Foulard – mirror by Erresse Studio –, Jazz – shelve by Erresse Studio –, Discovery – barstool with chromed frame by Studio 28 –, Miss – steel chair by Studio 28 –, Keyo and Lisos – extension table by Studio 28 –, Eidos Collection – living system by Studio 28 –, Osaka – shelve in glass by Studio 28 –, Hip hop, Leather and Round – coffee tables by Studio 28 –, Hola – stacking chair by R&D Bontempi –, Linda – stacking chair by Daniele Molteni –, Kida – chair by Daniele Molteni –, Lez – stacking chair in die-cast aluminium by Giorgio Manzali –, Open, – stool with steel structure by Giorgio Manzali –, Kioto, – shelve in expanded polyurethane by Giorgio Manzali –, Moon and Space, – coffee tables by Giorgio Manzali –, Minoa, – chair by Maurizio Varsi –, Archimede, Diderot, Lucrezio, Parmenide and Popper, – sofas by Lino Codato.

Sergio Giobbi, Primo, BUSNELLI Enrico Cesana, Bob, BUSNELLI Centro Studi & Ricerche Busnelli, Poli sofa, BUSNELLI Karim RashidCentro Studi & Ricerche Busnelli, Poli-cubo, BUSNELLI Centro Studi & Ricerche Busnelli, Poli-Cromo, BUSNELLI
Primo – sofa with an exclusive movement enables personalized relax positions by Sergio Giobbi –, Bob – armchair with completely removable covers by Enrico Cesana –, Poli – system of modular components by Centro Studi & Ricerche Busnelli –, Poli Alta, Poli Cubo, Poli angolo and Poli Cromo – versatile armchairs by Centro Studi & Ricerche Busnelli.

Michele De Lucchi, Sezgin Aksu, Porta CD Battista, CAIMICASA  Giulio Iacchetti, Geko, CAIMICASA  Alessandro Angelotti, Letterio Gianni Cardile, Pegaso, CAIMICASA Caimi Lab, Socrate, CAIMICASA Ton Haas, T-Chair, CAIMICASA
cd holder Battista – cd holder made of epoxy powder-coated aluminium by Michele De Lucchi and Sezgin Aksu –, Geko – partition module by Giulio Iacchetti –, Pegaso – table with metal structure and glass top by Alessandro Angelotti and Letterio Gianni Cardile –, Socrate – modular system of bookshelves made of metal by Caimi Lab –, T-Chair – chair with chrome-plated frame and seat in wooden veneered multi ply by Ton Haas –, Air – bookshelves by Claudio Bellini and Mario Bellini –, Big – bookshelves, bookcase by Marc Sadler –, Koala – display system for photographs by Michele De Lucchi and Sezgin Aksu –, Koala T – sign and communication system by Michele De Lucchi and Sezgin Aksu –, Senzatempo – chair made of chrome- plated steel rod by Caimi Lab –, Mariposa – chair in painted tubular steel by Aldo Cibic.

Denis Santachiara, Bulletto, CAMPEGGI Denis Santachiara, Play Body, CAMPEGGI Lorenzo Damiani, Castelletto, CAMPEGGI Lorenzo Damiani, Tumb Tumb, CAMPEGGI Giovanni Levanti, Conetto, CAMPEGGI
Bulletto – monolitic bed / stool bulb shaped by Denis SantachiaraPlay Body – pillow by Denis Santachiara –, Castelletto – sofa / bunk bed by Lorenzo Damiani –, Tumb Tumb – sound table by Lorenzo Damiani –, Conetto – rocking-horse by Giovanni Levanti –, Sneaker – innovative bed and tool for domestic gym by Giovanni Levanti –, Ercolino soft wall/bed by Giulio Manzoni –, Sister – sluffed chair by Vico Magistretti –, Airpouf a magic hoover/pouf by Lorenzo Damiani.

Denis Santachiara, Bulletto, CAPPELLINI Denis Santachiara, Play Body, CAPPELLINI Lorenzo Damiani, Castelletto, CAPPELLINI Lorenzo Damiani, Tumb Tumb, CAPPELLINI Giovanni Levanti, Conetto, CAPPELLINI
Lotus – armchair by Jasper Morrison –, Oak Table Module – modular system of small tables by Jasper Morrison –, Elise – sofa and bed by Jasper Morrison –, Mr. Bugatti range of chairs by François Azambourg –, RPH - Revolutions Per Hour – large sofa by Fabio NovembreNew Antiques – neo-classical range by Marcel Wanders –, Knotted Rouge – armchair-reissue in a limited edition of the famous Knotted Chair by Marcel WandersYuki – screen by Nendo –, In vitro – stool/small table and table by Cédric Ragot –, Aviolux – collection of cupboards by Studio Cappellini –, Fronzoni '64 – chair, table, bed and armchair by A.G. Fronzoni –, Pyramid, Bookshelf, Progetti Compiuti and Sofa with arms – chest of drawers, double-front bookcase, furniture collection and armchair by Shiro Kuramata –, Proust – painted armchair by Alessandro Mendini –, Bird, S-Chair Pylon Chair – rocking chaise-longue, seat and iron wire armchair by Tom Dixon –, Three Sofa De Luxe – series of armchair, sofas and chaise-longue by Jasper Morrison –, Orgone – chaise-longue and table made in fibreglass by Marc Newson –, Wooden Chair – bent natural beech heartwood seat by Marc Newson –, Felt Chair funny seat by Marc Newson –, Statuette – lounge chair in reinforced fibreglass by Lloyd Schwan –, Pebbles – system of upholstered elements by Mårten Claesson, Eero Koivisto, Ola Rune –, Inout and Outline – sofa and collection (chaise-longue, armchair and sofa) by Jean-Marie Massaud –, And – big scale combinable seating system by Fabio Novembre –, Brick and Cloud – modular bookcases by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec –, Fish Chair – rotational-moulded seat by Satyendra Pakhalè.

Karim Rashid, Kant, CASAMANIA Karim Rashid, Koon, CASAMANIA Luca Nichetto, Vad, CASAMANIA Mario Guidarelli, Ubu, CASAMANIA Josh Owen, XOX, CASAMANIA
Kant – cantilevered stool by Karim Rashid –, Korzina – garbage can by Karim Rashid –, Zontik – umbrella stand by Karim Rashid –, Kup – ashtray, paper clip, rubber band, or pin holder by Karim Rashid –, Koop – pencil holder by Karim Rashid –, Koon – garbage can for contract market by Karim Rashid –, Vad – chair by Luca Nichetto –, Stopper – modular shelving system by Gianni Menguzzato and Claudio Nascimben –, Ubu – seat by Mario Guidarelli –, Crossit – stool by Mario Guidarelli –, XOX – coffee table by Josh Owen –, XX – coatrack by Josh Owen –, Festival – floor or wall-mounted shelving system by Adriano Baldanzi and Alessandro Novelli –, K4 – simple and light table by Adriano Baldanzi and Alessandro Novelli –, Alberto – clotheshorse by Fabrica (Rita Joao, Pedro Ferriera) –, Biombo, Birdy, Doccia, Panca, and Porta-bici – by Fabrica –, Jerry – lamp by Luca Nichetto and Carlo Tinti –, Unbook – bank and bookend by Josh Owen –, Sue – stackable chair by Robby Cantarutti and Francesca Petricich –, Opus Incertum – striking display cabinet or bookshelf by Sean Yoo –, Hoo – floor-standing or wall-mounted coatrack by Julian Pastorino and Cecilia Suarez –, Morfeo, Pollon and Lea – funny upholstered items by CSC.

Roberto Tapinassi, Maurizio Manzoni, Gold, DEMA Pininfarina Extra, Palio, DEMA Marco Agnoli, Savoya, DEMA
Gold – series of upholstered elements by Roberto Tapinassi and Maurizio Manzoni –, Palio – range of sofas by Pininfarina Extra –, Savoya – sofas and armchairs collection by Marco Agnoli.

Thomas Althaus, DS-540, DE SEDE Thomas Althaus, DS-451, DE SEDE Cuno Frommherz, DS-370, DE SEDE Braun & Maniatis, DS-180, DE SEDE Antonella Scarpitta, DS-5, DE SEDE
DS-540 – sofa by Thomas Althaus –, DS-541 – sofa bed by Thomas Althaus–, DS-123 – sofa with a daring combination of textile and leather by Mathias Hoffmann–, DS-180 – sofa with a chromium steel frame by Braun & Maniatis –, DS-5 – sofa with seating cubes and slim elegant armrests by Antonella Scarpitta –, DS-370 – sofa by Cuno Frommherz –, DS-152 – comfortable sofa by Jane Worthington –, DS 207 – seating collection by Antonella Scarpitta –, RH 301 seat by Robert Haussmann.

Luca Scacchetti, Ellecollection, DOMODINAMICA Luca Scacchetti, Ellecollection Chair, DOMODINAMICA Denis Santachiara, Vitesse, DOMODINAMICA Luca Scacchetti, Easy Sleep, DOMODINAMICA Rodrigo Torres, Mist Table, DOMODINAMICA
Ellecollection – seats and tables by Luca Scacchetti –, Easy Sleep – sofa-bed by Luca Scacchetti –, Mist Table – table by Rodrigo Torres –, Vitesse – stool by Denis Santachiara –, Duna and Mist – armchairs by Rodrigo Torres –, Morfeo – sofa-bed by Stefano Giovannoni and Rodrigo Torres –, Calla – armchair by Stefano Giovannoni –, Popi Pop armchair by Augusto Quattrino.

Tokujin Yoshioka, Kiss Me Goodbye, DRIADE Naoto Fukasawa, Muku, DRIADE Ron Arad, Screw DRIADE Claudio Bellini, Frac, DRIADE Philippe Starck, Lagò, DRIADE
Hanahana – flower stand in stainless steel by Kazuyo Sejima –, Ori – armchair in stainless steel by Tokujin Yoshioka –, Kiss Me Goodbye – armchair in polycarbonate by Tokujin Yoshioka –, Oval – armchair in polished anodised aluminium by Tokujin Yoshioka –, Muku – sofa and armchair in wood conglomerate by Naoto Fukasawa –, Hall – sofa with structure in wood and cover in leather by Rodolfo Dordoni –, Screw – stool by Ron Arad –, Frac – armchair with structure in wood and cover in leather by Claudio Bellini –, Eileen – bookcase by Antonia Astori –, Cotton – console Tv/Dvd by Antonia Astori –,Virginia – writing-table byAntonia Astori –, Pavo Real – armchair and easy chair in wicker and black leather by Patricia Urquiola –, Lagò – armchair with structure in stiff polyurethane by Philippe Starck –, Lorenzo Le Magnifique – sofa and armchair by Philippe Starck –, Costes – easy chair by Philippe Starck –, King Costes – easy chair by Philippe Starck –, Legato – square table by Enzo Mari.

Matteo Thun, Isu chair, DRIADESTORE Francisco Gomez Paz, Omero, DRIADESTORE  Philippe Starck, Bo, DRIADESTORE Christophe Pillet, Paris Bar, DRIADESTORE Ron Arad, Mt2, DRIADESTORE
Isu – stackable chair with structure in sandblasted polished anodised aluminium by Matteo Thun –, Paris Bar – stool with adjustable height by Christophe Pillet –, Omero – magazine holder with structure in mirror polished aluminium by Francisco Gomez Paz –, Bo – stackable polypropylene chair by Philippe Starck –, One Cafè – stackable armchair with structure in sandblasted polished anodised aluminium and seat in woven plastic by Philippe Starck –, One Cafè – small table by Philippe Starck –, Lord Yo – stackable easy chair by Philippe Starck –, Cam el eon – stackable chair in aluminium and polypropylene in different colours by Philippe Starck –, Cam el eon – stackable stool by Philippe Starck –, Toy – polypropylene stackable armchair by Philippe Starck –, Toy – small table in polyethylene by Philippe Starck –, Bluebelle – stackable chair in steel and polypropylene by Ross Lovegrove –, Spin – office easy chair on castors by Ross Lovegrove –, Waterlilies – bench seats with steel and die-cast aluminium frame painted gray by Ross Lovegrove –, Al table – little table in steel and aluminium by Miki Astori –, Mt1 – armchair by Ron Arad –, Mt2 – sofa by Ron Arad –, Mt3 – rocking chair by Ron Arad –, Mt1 soft – armchair by Ron Arad –, Mt2 soft – sofa by Ron Arad.

Fernando and Humberto Campana, Aster Papposus , EDRA Fernando and Humberto Campana,  Kaiman Jacaré, EDRA Fernando and Humberto Campana, Brasilia, EDRA Francesco Binfarè, Corbeille, EDRA Peter Traag, Mummy, EDRA
Flap, Damier and On The Rocks – white sofas by Francesco Binfarè –, Jenette, Corallo and Vermelha – chairs and armchairs by Fernando Campana and Humberto Campana –, Mummy – chair by Peter Traag –, Kaiman Jacaré and Aster Papposus – new sofas by Fernando and Humberto Campana –, BrasiliaFernando and Humberto Campana's multisided tables –, Corbeille – new sofa by Francesco Binfarè.

Ferruccio Laviani, Nassa, EMMEMOBILI Ferruccio Laviani, Alba, EMMEMOBILI Ferruccio Laviani, Dune, EMMEMOBILI Ferruccio Laviani, Seat, EMMEMOBILI Evgenij V. Poliantsev, Rosa, EMMEMOBILI
Nassa – table by Ferruccio Laviani –, Alba – armchair made of curved multilayer by Ferruccio Laviani –, Maison – system of cabinets by Ferruccio Laviani –, Dune – sofa modular system by Ferruccio Laviani –, Seat – padded armchair by Ferruccio Laviani –, Quarto – container units by Ferruccio Laviani –, Lilian – series of mirrors by Carlo Ballabio –, Rosa – bookshelves unit by Evgenij V. Poliantsev –, City – rectangular tables by Ferruccio Laviani –, Straight – seats with polished steel structure by Ferruccio Laviani –, Palermo – table by Ferruccio Laviani –, Zero & Uno – container-bookshelf units by Carlo Ballabio –, Helena – sideboard with drawers by Bruno Nideck and Francesco Biacca –, Sumo – table by Alessandro Pascolini –, Boa – chair in curved plywood by Panizon Martinelli Dorligo –, Cassia – stackable chair in curved plywood by Alessandro Elli –, Waimea – armchair by Carlo Ballabio and Alessandro Elli –, Escher – stackable little table by Carlo Ballabio and Alessandro Elli –, VuVuVu – writing and computer desk by Carlo Ballabio and Alessandro Elli –, Roma – small armchair by Ferruccio Laviani –, Sils – chaise-longue by Ferruccio Laviani –, Spring – series of seats by Studio Tecnico Emmemobili –, Tobia – desk by Fabiano Trabucchi –, C 130 – chair in curved plywood by Geoffrey Harcourt –, Nastro – armchair by Geoffrey Harcourt.

Roberto Lazzeroni, Zoe chair, FASEM Roberto Lazzeroni, Zoe stool, FASEM Roberto Lazzeroni, Big Shell, FASEM Roberto Lazzeroni, Bistrò, FASEM Roberto Lazzeroni, Box low and high, FASEM
Zoe chair – seat by Roberto Lazzeroni –, Zoe stool – barstool by Roberto Lazzeroni –, Colette chair – chair by Roberto Lazzeroni –, Shell armchair and Big Shell armchair – armchairs by Roberto Lazzeroni –, Mammut table, Mammut mini table Ghost table and Bistrò table – tables by Roberto Lazzeroni –, Box low and Box high – containers by Roberto Lazzeroni –, Charme – restyling of the chair Isolina by Archirivolto.

Roberto Sartorio, Bubbly, FELICEROSSI Roberto Sartorio, Bubbly compact, FELICEROSSI Roberto Sartorio, Oliviero, FELICEROSSI Setsu and Shinobu Ito, Ta, FELICEROSSI  Emmanuel Babled, Ohm, FELICEROSSI
Bubbly – system of sectional seating elements by Roberto Sartorio –, Bubbly compact – system of sectional seating elements with smaller dimensions by Roberto Sartorio –, Oliviero – sofa by Roberto Sartorio –, Ta – line of tables and coffee tables by Setsu and Shinobu Ito –, Ohm – small armchair with frame in polyethylene by Emmanuel Babled –, Pigreco – table by Emmanuel Babled and Filippo Protasoni.

Enzo Berti, Dada, FERLEA Karim Rashid, Disk, FERLEA Enzo Berti, Pop, FERLEA Studio Riforma, Lily, FERLEA Ilkka Suppanen, Gap, FERLEA
Dada – armchair by Enzo Berti –, Disk – small armchair by Karim Rashid –, Bagnante – chaise-longue by Enzo BertiBrera, Open and Poggio – sofas by Enzo Berti –, Miss – seat by Enzo Berti –, Zig Zag – armchair and small sofas by Enzo Berti –, Dozy – rocking chair by Enzo Berti –, Van and Dolmen – modular seting systems by Enzo Berti –, Katà, Shell and Kora – armchairs in rattan by Enzo Berti –, Pop – armchair and pouf with completely removable cover by Enzo Berti –, Altea and Lily – armchairs by Studio Riforma –, Cube and Gap – armchairs by Ikka Suppanen –, Mari – pouf by Toshiyuki Yoshino –, Bikini ed Ego – squared pouf with transformable part into a backrest by Enzo Berti.

Carlo Colombo, Arthur, FLEXFORM Carlo Colombo, Vittoriano, FLEXFORM  Carlo Colombo, Ludovica chair, FLEXFORM Carlo Colombo, Planus, FLEXFORM Antonio Citterio, Emily, FLEXFORM
Arthur – table with base in burnished metal by Carlo Colombo –, Vittoriano – sofa by Carlo Colombo –, Ludovica chair and Ludovica armchair – chairs by Carlo ColomboPlanus – series of box containers by Carlo Colombo –, Emily – easychair by Antonio Citterio –, Happyhour – sofa by Antonio Citterio –, Lifesteel – sofa with large and soft cushions by Antonio Citterio –, Oliver – small service table in duramen by Antonio Citterio –, Paul and Peter – small armchairs with chromed metal bars by Antonio Citterio –, Sunny chaiselongue and Sunny sofa –, seats by Antonio Citterio –, Vito – coffee table by Antonio Citterio –, Betty – little sofa by Antonio Citterio.

 Sandro Santantonio, Love, GIOVANNETTI  Sandro Santantonio, Wave, GIOVANNETTI  Sandro Santantonio, Mork, GIOVANNETTI Sandro Santantonio, Dune consolle, GIOVANNETTI  Space Time, Multilove sofa, GIOVANNETTI
Anfibio – simple and poetic convertible sofa by Alessandro Becchi –, Link – sofa by Norberto Delfinetti and Antonella Scarpitta –, Roly-Poly – seat/rocking chair by Guido Rosati –, Jetsons – armchair by Guglielmo Berchicci –, Gabbiano – total-relax rocking chair by Carin Silva Gil –, Dune – sectional program by Sandro Santantonio and Rocco Bruno –, Clubby Flowers – armchairs by Sandro Santantonio –, Love – seat by Sandro Santantonio –, Wave – table by Sandro Santantonio –, Mork – bookcase by Sandro Santantonio –, Dune consolle and Dune coffee table – by Sandro Santantonio –, Multilove – sectional program by Space Time –, Papessa – by Atelier Associati –, Papillon – armchair and sofa by Guido Rosati –, Lambda – table by Superstudio –, Boss – sofa by Paolo Piva –, Galassia and Galassia Light – sofas by Sergio Giobbi –, Nausicaa – easychair by Marco Matteini –, Ancella – easychair by Mario Lovi –, Momma – armchair by Mirko Pallecchi –, Gongolo e Battigia – seats by Atelier Associati –, Igirovaghi – ironic sofa by Renzo M. Benci –, L'agostina – armchair by Fabrizio Barbero and Maurizio Navone –, Isa – dormeuse/chaise-longue by Norberto Delfinetti and Antonella Scarpitta–, Bubba, Friends and Friends Light – sofas by Norberto Delfinetti and Antonella Scarpitta–, Giramondo – circolar seat by Norberto Delfinetti –, Alice and Jolly – easychair and coffee tables by Enrico Buscemi and Piergiorgio Leone.

Piero Gilardi, Sfera, GUFRAM Giuseppe Raimondi, Mozza, GUFRAM Giuseppe Raimondi, Alvar, GUFRAM Studio 65, Bocca, GUFRAM Laura Fubini, Francesco Mansueto and Marco Verrando, Siedi-Tee, GUFRAM
Pavèpiuma, Sassi and Massolo – by Piero Gilardi –, Torneraj, Puffo and Pratone – by Giorgio Ceretti, Pietro Derossi and Riccardo Rosso –, Bocca – by Studio 65 –, Cactus – by Guido Drocco and Franco Mello –, the collections Babele – by Gianni Pettena –, Mozza – by Giuseppe Raimondi – and Wimbledon – by Giorgio Ceretti, Pietro Derossi and Riccardo Rosso –, Sfera – work made of cold-moulded polyurethane and painted with silver Guflac by Piero Gilardi –, Formico – seat that represent a natural evolution of a series of small armchairs called Le Formiche (The Ants) by Angelo Cusimano –, Softcrete – sofa inspired by the work of Minimalist architecture by Ross Lovegrove –, Alvar – relax armchair by Giuseppe Raimondi –, Capitello – seat by Studio 65 –, Siedi-Tee – stool by Laura Fubini, Francesco Mansueto and Marco Verrando –, Dèjeuner sur l'arbre – table by Gianni Arnaudo.

Mario Bellini, Cobra, HORM Toyo Ito, Min, HORM Steven Holl, Riddled, HORM Karim Rashid, Blend, HORM Karim Rashid, Tide, HORM
Cobra – mobile TV trolley by Mario Bellini –, Min double or single bed by Toyo Ito –, Riddled – sculpted piece of furniture by Steven Holl –, Blend and Tide – cupboards and sideboards by Karim Rashid –, Ease and Relief – cabinets with quatrefoils and rhomboids decorations by Karim Rashid –, HCB – coat stand by Patrizia Bertolini –, Hopi – mirror by Simone Micheli –, Aircore – chair by Makoto Hashimoto –, J-Table – table by Jean François Gomrée –, Hi-Ply – bed by Luciano Marson –, Kaze and Sendai – bookcases by Toyo Ito –, Mamanonmama, Bello! and Charlotte – mirror, table and armchair by Mario BottaRipples – bench ADI Compasso d'Oro Award 2004 by Toyo Ito.

Ferruccio Laviani, E', KARTELL Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec, Panier, KARTELL Patrick Jouin, Optic, KARTELL Marcel Wanders, Stone, KARTELL Philippe Starck, Royal T, KARTELL
E' – lamp by Ferruccio Laviani –, Panier – container basket by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec –, Optic – modular container by Patrick Jouin –, Stone – low stool by Marcel Wanders –, Flip – foldable trolley by Antonio Citterio and Toan Nguyen –, Top Top – series of tables and coffee-tables by Philippe Starck –, Royal T – series of three stools by Philippe Starck –, Chicos – stool by Philippe Starck –, Lizz – chair by Piero Lissoni –, Pop Armchair – armchair by Piero Lissoni and Carlo Tamburini –, Pop Sofa – sofa by Piero Lissoni and Carlo Tamburini –, Honeycomb – foldable chair by Alberto Meda –, T-Table – line of tables by Patricia Urquiola –, Trix – seating system by Piero Lissoni.

Bartoli Design, All, KRISTALIA Ruggero Magrini, Bluezone, Dizzy, KRISTALIA Ruggero Magrini, Bluezone, Fifty, KRISTALIA Salvatore+Marie, Hang-up!, KRISTALIA Monica Graffeo, Oops, KRISTALIA
All – collection of multi-purpose containers by Bartoli Design –, Dizzy – single-material seat by Ruggero Magrini and Bluezone –, Fifty – table with anodized aluminium frame by Ruggero Magrini and Bluezone –, Hang-up! – wall-mounted clothes hanger by Salvatore+Marie –, Oops – series of extensible or fixed tables by Monica Graffeo –, Sushi – tables for office by Bartoli Design.

Giorgio Gurioli, Alone, KUNDALINI Hopf & Wortmann Büro für Form, Atomium, KUNDALINI Lionel Theodore Dean, Entropia, KUNDALINI Omer Arbel, Fourteen, KUNDALINI Paola Navone, Pluto, KUNDALINI
Alone – wall and ceiling lamp by Giorgio Gurioli –, Atomium – lighting object of organic and dynamic shape, inspired by science-fiction imagery by Hopf & Wortmann Büro für Form –, Entropia – lamp available in ceiling, wall and table version by Lionel Theodore Dean –, Fourteen – suspension lamp by Omer ArbelMandala – progress collection of contemporary iconical signs by Alessandro Mendini and Karim Rashid –, MAXXI– floor, wall and table lamp by Zaha HadidPluto – luminous object of astronomical inspiration dedicated to Pluto's orbit by Paola Navone.

Daniele Lago, Air libreria, LAGO Daniele Lago, Air tavolo, LAGO Daniele Lago, Elle, LAGO Daniele Lago, Fluttua, LAGO Daniele Lago, 36e8, LAGO
Air – bookcase and table by Daniele Lago –, Elle – table with the "L"-shaped legs as a geometric characterising element by Daniele LagoFluttua – bed by Daniele Lago –, 36e8 – containers to be positioned horizontally and vertically by Daniele Lago –, Amplia – sideboard, bench and boiserie panels by Enzo Berti.

Takashi Shinozaki, Ueno, LAPALMA Shin Azumi, Kai, LAPALMA  Andreas Ostwald and Klaus Nolting, Cox, LAPALMA  Gudmundur Ludvik Gretarsson, Elica, LAPALMA Piergiorgio Cazzaniga, Exa, LAPALMA
Ueno – small stacking table-stool by Takashi Shinozaki –, Kai – chair by Shin Azumi –, Cox – shell chair made of threedimensional molded plywood by Andreas Ostwald and Klaus Nolting –, Elica – folding chair by Gudmundur Ludvik Gretarsson –, Exa – chair in stainless steel and wood by Piergiorgio Cazzaniga –, Nastro – armchair by Fabio Bortolani –, Laaka – chair by Karri Monni –, Za-1, Za-2, Za-Angle – benches collection by Shin & Tomoko Azumi –, Brio and Tai – tables by Romano Marcato –, Bongo – stool by Piergiorgio Cazzaniga –, Albero – clothes-hanger by Fabio Bortolani –, OC Chair – chair by Simon Pengelly.

Alban-Sèbastien Gilles, Jul & Jil, LIGNE ROSET Ligne Roset, Translation, LIGNE ROSET Francois Bauchet, Pluriel, LIGNE ROSET Pascal Mourgue, Downtown, LIGNE ROSET Inga Sempè, Lunatique, LIGNE ROSET
Jul & Jil – pair of armchairs by Alban-Sèbastien Gilles –, Translation – square table by Ligne Roset –, Pluriel – serie composta da sofa, armchair e tables by Francois Bauchet –, Alster – armchair, footstool and bridge chair by Emmanuel Dietrich –, 35 H – ergonomic chair by Frèdèric Sofia –, Shaman – armchair and footstool by Eric Jourdan –, Deck – side table and low table by Eric Jourdan –, Downtown – dormeuse relax, table and bookshelf by Pascal Mourgue –, Lunatique – telescopic oval occasional table by Inga Sempè –, Rue de Seine – convivial range of system by Didier Gomez –, Urbanihaute-couture sofa by Didier Gomez –, Facett – chair and armchair by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec –, PI – chair in solid oak by Thibault Desombre –, Pam – stool by Archirivolto –, Clara – coat stand in brilliant-chromed steel by Evangelos Vasileiou –, Togo – sofa by Michel Ducaroy –, Yoyo and Crescendo – tables by Pagnon & Pelhaitre –, Smala – sofa by Pascal Mourgue –, Myo and Tazia – armchair by Pascal Mourgue –, Yang – sofa by Pascal Mourgue –, Ponton – tables by Deichmann & Osko –, Air – tables by Fred Rieffel –, Guest, Paola and Zoe – chairs by Archirivolto –, Noor – stool by Archirivolto –, Facett – sofa by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec.

Jasper Morrison, Air-Table, Air-Armchair, MAGIS Marc Newson, Nimrod, MAGIS Shin Azumi, Strings Chair, MAGIS Ron Arad, Voido, MAGIS Stefano Giovannoni, Family First: Chair, Table, MAGIS
Air-Armchair and Air-Table – seat and table by Jasper Morrison –, Déjà-vu Stool, Déjà-vu Chair and Déjà-vu Table – collection by Naoto Fukasawa –, Easy Table – table by Jerszy Seymour –, Chair_One with cushion, Bistrot, Stool_One and Chair_One Public Seating System – collection Family_One by Konstantin Grcic –, First Chair and Table First – collection Family First by Stefano Giovannoni –, Garage – shoe rack system by Toshiyuki Kita –, Nimrod shell with blow-moulded seat by Marc Newson –, Strings Chair and Strings Stool – collection Strings Family by Shin Azumi –, Voido – rotational-moulded rocking chair by Ron Arad –, Alma and Linus – chair ad table for children by Javier Mariscal –, Piedras – family of rotational moulded polyethylene seats by Javier Mariscal –, Mico – multi-purpose object by El Último Grito –, Puppy and Flying Carpet – rocking platform and dog-toy by Eero Aarnio.

Rodolfo Dordoni, 2Leather, MATTEOGRASSI Rodolfo Dordoni, Zip-Couch, MATTEOGRASSI Rodolfo Dordoni, Tent, MATTEOGRASSI T. Wise, Britt, MATTEOGRASSI Franco Poli, Loom, MATTEOGRASSI
2Leather – chair upholstered covered with leather by Rodolfo Dordoni –, Zip-Couch – sofa stuffed and coated in leather or “cuoietto” by Rodolfo Dordoni –, Tent – table by Rodolfo Dordoni –, Britt – small armchair by T. Wise –, Loom – coach chair with leather hide sewn by Franco Poli –, Loomy – screen by Franco Poli –, Must – tables and meeting tables by Rodolfo Dordoni.

Hannes Wettstein, Tototo, MAXDESIGN Hannes Wettstein, ZED chair, MAXDESIGN Marco Maran, X3, MAXDESIGN Marco Maran, Ricciolina, MAXDESIGN Marco Maran, The Stones, MAXDESIGN
Tototo – little armchair by Hannes Wettstein –, ZED chair – zed-shaped silhouette armchair by Hannes Wettstein –, X3 – chair and stool by Marco Maran –, Ricciolina – seat collection by Marco Maran –, The Stones – sculptural stools by Marco Maran –, So happy – seat programme by Marco Maran –, Simple Collection – by Gabriele Pezzini –, Crystal, Wired, Dancer and Moving – table, chair and stools by Gabriele Pezzini –, I'm dreaming – seat by Dominic Symons.

 Luca Meda, Pass, MOLTENI & C Rodolfo Dordoni, Stack, MOLTENI & C Zed, Lido, MOLTENI & C Ferruccio Laviani, Hi-Cove, MOLTENI & C Patricia Urquiola, Glove, MOLTENI & C
Pass – line of modular storage units, tops and wall units by Luca Meda –, Glide – system of mobile partitions by Rodolfo Dordoni –, Stack – swalk-in wardrobe system by Rodolfo Dordoni –, Lido and Reversi – sofas by Zed –, Hi-Bridge – sofa system by Ferruccio Laviani –, Hi-Cove – armchair by Ferruccio Laviani –, Glove – family of seats by Patricia Urquiola –, Lyz – upholstered armchair by Rodolfo Dordoni –, Francine and Clipper – armchairs by Studio F&L –, Domino – system of coffee tables by Nicola Gallizia.

Job Smeets, Paper Cabinet & Paper Floorlamp, MOOOI  Maarten Baas, Smoke dining, MOOOI  Bertjan Pot, Balls Table, MOOOI  Front, Horse Lamp, MOOOI Jameelah el-Gahsjgari, Dome, MOOOI
Paper Cabinet, Paper Floorlamp, Paper Chandelier, Paper Cupboard, Paper Table and Paper Buffet – candid series by Job Smeets –, Vincent's Chair – ironic and artistic chair by Job Smeets –, Balls – colored table composed by thousand spheres by Bertjan Pot –, Horse and Pig – lamp and table by Front –, Dome – ceiling lamp available in several dimensions and colors by Jameelah el-Gahsjgari –, Smoke dining, Smoke Chair and Smoke Chandelier – series by Maarten Baas –, Set Up Shades Limited Edition – new collection by Marcel Wanders –, Card Case – by Marcel Wanders –, Egg, Ming, Foambowl and Sponge – multishapes series of vases by Marcel Wanders –, AVL Table, AVL Chair, AVL Shaker Chair, AVL Bar Stool, AVL Bench and AVL Seaterbench – geometric series by Joep van Lieshout –, Unkle – colored and receiving armchair by Dumoffice –, V.I.P. chair – sculptured chair by Marcel Wanders –, Flower chair, Flower dining chair and Flower table – series by Marcel Wanders –, Crochet – elegant and candid small table by Marcel Wanders –, Double Decker – practical table by Marcel Wanders –, Phillipe lounge and Phillipe dining – series by Marcel Wanders –, Mellow – comfortable and elegant seats by Marcel Wanders –, Kaipo, Fringe 1, Fringe 2, Fringe 3, Fringe 4, Fringe 5, Fringe 6, Fringe 1 black and Fringe 5 black – lamps by Edward van Vliet –, Random Light – lamp by Bertjan Pot –, Lovenet – modern and geometric armchair by Ross Lovegrove –, Barbarella and Barbarella short air – sofas by Ross Lovegrove –, Oblique MDF – container by Marcel Wanders –, City System – linear composition by Marcel Wanders –, Container Table 7056, Container Table 7030, Container Table 7043 HPL, Container Foot and Container Stool – series by Marcel Wanders –, Bottoni, Bottoni Slim, Bottoni Deep, Bottoni Shelf and Bottoni Corner – sofas by Marcel Wanders –, Carbon Chair – chair by Bertjan Pot and Marcel Wanders –, Flames – lamp by Chris Kabel –, Big Bold, Little Bold and Menorah Bold – lamps by Roderick Vos –, Dandelion – elegant lamp by Richard Hutten –, Light Shade Shade – lamp by Jurgen Bey –, Dickies – soft seats by Anthony Kleinepier.

Toshiyuki Kita, Saruyama Islands, MOROSO Patricia Urquiola, Shanghai Tip, MOROSO Patricia Urquiola, Antibodi, MOROSO Patricia Urquiola, Smock, MOROSO Tord Boontje, Closer, MOROSO
Shanghai Tip – seating elements by Patricia Urquiola –, Antibodi – seat by Patricia Urquiola –, Smock – sofa by Patricia Urquiola –, Ukiyo – coffe table by Tomita Kazuhiko –, Saruyama Islands – armchairs and chaise longue by Toshiyuki Kita –, Closer – outsized upholstered elements by Tord Boontje –, Bon-bon – side table, low table, coffee table by Tord Boontje –, The Other Side of Ceramics – vases, plates and containers by Tord Boontje –, C-Chair – chairs and armchairs for the office by For Use –, Around the Rosy – acrilite low tables by Luca Nichetto and Massimo Gardone –, Raw – self-bearing leather armchair by Tomek RygalikSupernatural – chair by Ross Lovegrove –, Ripple Chair – seat by Ron Arad + A-POC – acronym stands for A Piece of Cloth by Miyake Issey and Dai Fujiwara –, Transform – easy chair by For Use.

Sergio Giobbi, Fast, ORIGLIA Sergio Giobbi, Venus, ORIGLIA Sergio Giobbi, Bonita multi-seater, ORIGLIA
Fast – top with a pair of folding legs in steel tube or epoxy powder coated in aluminium color by Sergio Giobbi –, Venus – limitlessly stackable chair in polycarbonate, or in glossy PA6 nylon by Sergio Giobbi –, Bonita – collection consisting of benches/twin-seater, stackable chair and armchair, seater beam, barstool and adjustable barstool by Sergio Giobbi.

 Aldo Cibic, Gru, PAOLA C.  Aldo Cibic, Charme, PAOLA C.  Aldo Cibic, Luxor, PAOLA C.  Aldo Cibic, Kubetto, PAOLA C.  Aldo Cibic, Egg, PAOLA C.
Gru – iron floor lamp with small shelfs and shade by Aldo Cibic –, Charme – ceramic table lamp by Aldo Cibic –, Luxor – ceramic floor lamp by Aldo Cibic –, Kubetto – ceramic lamp hand finishing by –, Egg – table by Aldo Cibic –, Carruba – table available in 2 colors by Aldo Cibic –, Polo – chair by Aldo Cibic –, Mia – armchair by Aldo Cibic –, Maxi – large, medium and small bowl in metal by Aldo Cibic –, Piggy – jug in hand blown glass by Aldo Cibic –, Lotty – decanter in hand blown glass by Aldo Cibic –, Tulip, Tulip flute, Tulip champagne goblet,Tulip carafe, Tulip decanter and Tulip bottle – series in glass by Aldo Cibic –, Dino and Little Dino – series by Aldo Cibic –, Campana – vases by Aldo Cibic –, Ricciolo – candle holder in hand blown glass by Aldo Cibic –, Gabbiano – centerpiece by Aldo Cibic –, Armonia and Donna – silver plated carafes by Aldo Cibic –, Mouse – tea-pot by Aldo Cibic –, Slim – coffee-pot by Aldo Cibic –, Foglia – serving plate by Aldo Cibic –, Vase – vase in glass and aluminium by Andrea Santamarina –, Vase – vase in silicon by Andrea Santamarina –, Tray – by David Neustein –, Fruit bowl-resin – by Alejandro Mingarro –, Fruit bowl-silicon – by Alejandro Mingarro –, Candle Holder– in glass and aluminium by Luca Mathia Bertoncello –, Digit – candle holder in ceramic by Meric Kara –, Just a Bit – olive oil & vinegar dispenser by Marco Zavagno –, Mimì – ttea-pot in ceramic with white details by Giorgia Ricci and Massimo Parolin –, Slice – cake platter in ceramic by Theresa Wong –, Afroditi – silver plated simple carafe by Afroditi Krassa –, Kris, Tib, Tracy and Trevor – by Kristina Niedderer –, El Palo – polished stainless stell candle holder by Jaime Hayon –, PS – salt & pepper dispenser in brushed stainless steel by Takuya Matsuda –, Royal – fruit plate by Kelly Sant –, Chinese Hat – fruit basket in ceramic by Natalie Mao.

Konstantin Grcic, Miura, PLANK Biagio Cisotti, Sandra Laube, Luna, PLANK Claudio Bellini, Mon Ami, PLANK Biagio Cisotti, Sandra Laube, Stella, PLANK
Miura – stool made of reinforced polypropylene by Konstantin Grcic –, Luna – plywood moulding chair by Biagio Cisotti and Sandra Laube –, Mon Ami – seat by Claudio Bellini –, Stella – seat by Biagio Cisotti and Sandra Laube.

Marco Maran, Body to Body, PARRI Marco Maran, Joe, PARRI Marco Maran, Little Mamy, PARRI Marco Maran, Mamy, PARRI Marco Maran, Free, PARRI
Body to Body – innovative seat made in ASA+PC V0 by Marco Maran –, Joe – sofa by Marco Maran –, Mamy – padded armchair by Marco Maran –, Little Mamy – upholstered little armchairs by Marco Maran –, Free – swivel armchair by Marco Maran.

Massimo Iosa Ghini, Alo, POLTRONA FRAU Tito Agnoli, Eskilo, POLTRONA FRAU Jean-Marie Massaud, Kennedee, POLTRONA FRAU Jean-Marie Massaud, Bob, POLTRONA FRAU Setsu and Shinobu Ito, Saku, POLTRONA FRAU
Alo – stoo with fluid and dynamic lines by Massimo Iosa Ghini –, Eskilo – sofa with functional design and welcoming forms by Tito Agnoli –, Aurora – sofa by Tito Agnoli –, Kennedee and Kennedee D – sofas with strong personality and international elegance by Jean-Marie Massaud –, Jackie – bed by Jean-Marie MassaudBob – table by Jean-Marie Massaud –, Saku – table by Setsu and Shinobu Ito –, Più Notte – settimino, bedside table and chest of drawers by Poltrona Frau Research & Development CentreSinan Bridge – armchair by Luca Scacchetti –, Liz – little armchair by Poltrona Frau Research & Development Centre –, Quadra – sofa by Studio Cerri and Associates –, San Girolamo – table by Achille Castiglioni and Michele De Lucchi –, H_O Collection – table, table-meeting and desk-bookcase by Claudio Silvestrin –, H_T Table – table by Claudio Silvestrin –, Intervista Twist – little armchair by Lella and Massimo Vignelli –, Laurana – table by Enzo Mari –, Complice, Don'do and Aster X – sofa, rocking chair, chair-little armchair and stool by Jean-Marie Massaud –, Regolo – table by Carlo Colombo –, Vesta – dormeuse by Historical Archives Poltrona Frau –, Talete, Arcadia – sofa, armchair and sofa by Poltrona Frau Research & Development Centre –, Sanluca – armchair by Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni –, Ravello – chair and little armchair by Ricardo Antonio.

Homework Collection, PORRO Piero Lissoni, Centro Ricerche Porro, HT Work, PORRO Piero Lissoni, Centro Ricerche Porro, NXT, PORRO Piero Lissoni, Modern, PORRO Piero Lissoni, Modulor, PORRO
Homework – collection by Piero Lissoni –, HT Work – system by Piero Lissoni and Centro Ricerche Porro –, System NXT – modular bookcase by Piero Lissoni and Centro Ricerche Porro –, Modern – modular containers by Piero Lissoni and Centro Ricerche Porro –, Modulor – bed by Piero Lissoni –, P06 – table with six legs by Piero Lissoni –, Bibliotech – modular bookcase by Piero Lissoni and Lorenzo Porro –, Load-it – bookcase with wax-finished steel shelves by Wolfgang Tolk –, Steady – chair by Piergiorgio Cazzaniga –, Giogali – lamp with glass elements by Vistosi and Angelo Mangiarotti –, Endless Shelf – modular bookcase by Werner Aisslinger –, Synapsis – table with a steel wire grille as base by Jean Marie Massaud –, Lipla – wide double bed with characterised forms by Jean Marie Massaud –, RAM – table by Decoma Design.

Raul Barbieri, Alexa, REXITE Alberto Basaglia, Natalia Rota Nodari, Boox, REXITE Raul Barbieri, Convito, REXITE Raul Barbieri, Nox Vesta, REXITE
Boox – Linear and elegant modular shelving system by Alberto Basaglia and Natalia Rota Nodari –, Alexa – very light and stackable chair by Raul Barbieri –, Convito – tables with tempered glass top, either etched or transparent by Raul Barbieri –, Nox Vesta – wall-mounted coat-hanger with hat rack and rail coat-hanger by Raul Barbieri.

Marcello Albini and Emanuela Venturini, Londalunga, ROSSI DI ALBIZZATE Pio & Tito Toso, Dumbo, ROSSI DI ALBIZZATE Pio & Tito Toso, Dondolo, ROSSI DI ALBIZZATE Matteo Thun, Superuovo, ROSSI DI ALBIZZATE Matteo Thun, Tantisassi, ROSSI DI ALBIZZATE
Londalunga – system of modular elements by Marcello Albini and Emanuela Venturini –, Dumbo – armchair and rest-feet by Pio & Tito Toso –, Dondolo – rocking chair by Pio & Tito Toso –, Superuovo – egg-shaped stool by Matteo ThunTantisassi – sofa by Matteo ThunSupersassi – series of various sofas, armchairs, poufs and tables by Matteo ThunSalon sofa, Salon armchair, Salon small armchair, Salon chaise-longue, Salon dormeuse, Salon beds and Salon bain de soleil – series of seats by Matteo ThunDemi-Lune sofa, Demi-Lune armchair and Demi-Lune dormeuse – series of seats by Matteo ThunTube TU 145 – sofa by Anna and Carlo BartoliTube and Blop – sofas by Carlo BartoliBoma – seat by Pio & Tito Toso.

Setsu and Shinobu Ito, Fuller, SAWAYA & MORONI Jakob + McFarlane, No end, SAWAYA & MORONI William Sawaya, High-Light, SAWAYA & MORONI William Sawaya, Audrey, SAWAYA & MORONI William Sawaya, Girl’s best Friends Collection, SAWAYA & MORONI
Fuller – seat with the shapes of Pop Age by Setsu and Shinobu Ito –, Icy – prismatic seat by Setsu and Shinobu Ito –, No end – sofa-puzzle of triangles by Jakob + McFarlane –, High Light – drawer unit by William Sawaya –, Audrey, Maxima (chair and armchair), Bella Rifatta – chairs in polypropylene by William Sawaya –, Girl's best Friends – table, abat jour, clothes-hook by William Sawaya –, Maua Huni – candlestick by Ingrid Gossner –, Jugend Ludo – bench homage to Josef Hofmann by Roberto and Ludovica Palomba –, O'Ratio – modular shelving in aluminum slab and acrylic by Tim Watson –, Arthur C. – prismatic lamps by Tim Watson –, My 68 Chair, My 72 sofa, My 74 bench, My 71 table – seats collection by Michael Young –, Patty Diffusa, Darwish, Agrado, Cinquanta, Eloiiise, Flo' – seats and table by William Sawaya –, Moraine, Glacier, Stalactite, Z-Play – sofas, table and modular seating system by Zaha Hadid –, XXX – ottoman seat by Mario Cananzi –, Bikini and Odissey – small armchair by Aristotele Frangis –, It – showy seat by Jakob + Mac Farlane.

Antonio Minervini, Giò, SEDIEFRIULI Mårten Claesson, Eero Koivisto and Ola Rune, SEDIEFRIULI Georges Karam, George K, SEDIEFRIULI Thibault Desombre, Moka, SEDIEFRIULI
Giò – welcoming padded armchair for relaxation by Antonio Minervini –, Allround – seatings system consisting of chair, armchair and two-seater sofa by Mårten Claesson, Eero Koivisto, Ola Rune –, George K – family of products includes an armchair and two- and three-seater sofas by Georges Karam –, Moka – chair, chair with arms, stool and easy chair by Thibault Desombre.

Roberto Romanello, Jo-Bar, SEGIS Roberto Romanello, Jo-Lie, SEGIS Miguel Angel Ciganda, Pinta, SEGIS Bartoli Design, Servotre, SEGIS Matteo Thun, Slide, SEGIS
Jo-Bar – system of upholstered benches by Roberto Romanello –, Jo-Lie – upholstered monocoque seats with revolving base by Roberto Romanello –, Jo-Lie S – upholstered monocoque seats slide version by Roberto Romanello –, Jo-Bim – stools upholstered with swivel base by Roberto Romanello –, Lui' – barstools set by Roberto Romanello –, Niù – sidechair and barstools with arms by Roberto Romanello –, Pinta – armchair by Miguel Angel Ciganda –, Servoquattro – foldable carts on four wheels by Bartoli Design –, Servotre – foldable carts on three wheels by Bartoli Design –, Yoga – system of tables by Bartoli Design –, Slide – chair by Matteo Thun.

Filip Gordon Frank, Mini me, SPHAUS Modoloco, Cleo, SPHAUS Fabio Bortolani, Img, SPHAUS Johannes Torpe, 500kg, SPHAUS Setsu and Shinobu Ito, Kaar, SPHAUS
Mini me – lamp by Filip Gordon Frank –, Cleo – table lamp by Modoloco –, Img – mirror / towel-rack by Fabio Bortolani –, 500kg – seating system by Johannes Torpe –, Spira – sofa and armchair by Setsu Ito and Shinobu Ito –, Kaar – contemporary version of a classical etagère by Setsu Ito and Shinobu Ito –, A.B.C. – mirror by Lorenzo Damiani –, Flirtstones – asymmetrical seating system by Barbara Goltermann –, Lake – coffee table by Enrico Buscemi and Piergiorgio Leone –, Sun – ceiling lamp an table lamp by Tonylight –, SQ3 – modular bookcase by Alessandra Bettolo and Betty SperandeoStay – lamp by Fabio Bortolani –, Mother – chair by Filippo Dell'Orto –, Apple – armchair by Dodo Arslan –, Big box – modular container system by Enrico Cesana –, Lite – small table by Eero Sairanen –, T2 – coffee table by Luca Casini –, Zero L – lamp by Clara Pozzetti –, Black betty and Soft pill seats by Filippo Dell'Orto –, E.t. and Hal 9003 – floor lamps by Filippo Dell'OrtoLowres – sofa and armchair by Dodo Arslan –, ora L and ora M – small tables by Roberta Savelli.

Gigi Rigamonti, Doucer, STURM UND PLASTIC Gigi Rigamonti, Buena Onda, STURM UND PLASTIC The Design Laboratory, Double Up multi-color, STURM UND PLASTIC Claudio Bitetti, Limousine, STURM UND PLASTIC Gigi Rigamonti, Geo 500-503, STURM UND PLASTIC
Doucer – lamp by Gigi Rigamonti –, Buena Onda – elegant and refined bottle holder for the table by Gigi Rigamonti –, Double Up – bench/sofa in selfskinning polyurethane by The Design Laboratory –, Limousine – comfortable and multifunctional seating units by Claudio Bitetti –, Geo 500-503, Next Morning, Pastis, Sitting Woman, Tapo, Baroque, Alessandria, Spiegel – by Gigi Rigamonti –, Drop – wall mounted clothes-hook in resilient clear plastic by Bruno Petronzi –, Ondo, Sofa So Far, Top Top – by Pascal Bauer –, Human Being – armchair in resilient clear plastic and chrome velours frame by Pascal Bauer and Gigi Rigamonti –, Turn Turn – revolving cabinet composed of two or four cubes or one rectangle by Carlo Alessi –, Uff – Arched/floor lamp to be leaned against the wall in resilient clear plastic and metal by Studio Colore (Giuliana Succo, Sergio Viotti, Akira Metoki) –, Mirò – wall mirror with frame in resilient clear plastic by Mattia RigamontiTom Don – stool with cross chromed structure by Toxid.

Louise Campbell, Veryround, ZANOTTA Ilkka Suppanen, Colors, ZANOTTA Ludovica and Roberto Palomba, Lama, ZANOTTA Emaf Progetti, Kilt, ZANOTTA Alexander Taylor, Butterfly, ZANOTTA
Kilt – sofa by Emaf Progetti –, Milleunanotte and Unanotte – beds by Emaf Progetti –, Lama – chaise-longue by Ludovica Palomba and Roberto Palomba –, Colors – little armchairs by Ilkka Suppanen –, Yuki –, little armchairs by Christophe Pillet –, Time – small table by Prospero Rasulo –, Butterfly – small table by Alexander Taylor –, Lialta – upholstered chair by Roberto Barbieri –, Veryround – seat by Louise Campbell –, Raw – table by Garth Roberts –, Fiore – partition wall by Fabrizio Bertero, Andrea Panto and Simona Marzoli –, Doris – small table by Dominique Mathieu –, Zeus and Teti – small tables by Prospero Rasulo –, Ulm – bookcase by Enzo Mari –, Sanmarco – table by Gae Aulenti.

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