New and dynamics tied productive truth to the stuffed's world, B-SIDE, is born from the handicraft experience of the tradition of Umbria and means to just express through the products esprit of contemporary living.
Situated in Costacciaro, between Gubbio and Perugia, B-SIDE is asserting just lifestyle in the furnishings of the new places of the living in a series of espositive manifestations times to introduce the last collections and proposals that - between search, innovation, design and fashion - cover and redesign the world of the stuffed in modern way emphasizing, between the other, emerging of new cultural identities.

Organized in April 2004 to coincide with the events of the Salone del Mobile of Milan, Le Stanze 04 has been the expositive event - coordinated from Bl@m Study and Francesco Scaringi - than, through a studded distance of products and of images of great impact, it has introduced the last productions of the company, developed in collaboration with Bl@m Study of Florence. Four atmospheres and four personalities told through the objects and the peculiarity of the details: contemporary, modern, classic and ethnic style.

This first event opens one series of inner manifestations to the company times to tell and to introduce the modus vivendi interpreted from B-SIDE. They are previewed in the next few months, other installations that they will make to converse art, design, fashion, introducing produced in a position to interlacing design, ideas of furnishings, color and shape; objects think you for those who not only wish tendency living.

New cosmopolite languages and a new business face that, through the search of ideas and products that anticipate the future, will concur the consolidation of B-SIDE in the design system. To maintain and to implement such prerogative are in fact one of object declare to you of the company and, to such aim, many of the resources of the young brand will be turned in the comparisons of the new ones designers; bearers of various projectual languages, but in a position to "marking" the B-SIDE production strongly.

The event of Milan in so far as is a clear print of that it will be near future of B-SIDE: more than produced, Le Stanze 04 have proposed a furnishings modality that means to be also one clearly identifiable inhabited style: elegance, quality and innovation that we not only find again in the Simbiosi sofa but - to new evidence of the optimal print given from art director Angelo Minisci -, also in Planet and Trend.

All the products realize to you from the company inner are certify to you online with put into effect them to them normative European.

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