IS_Bedini_Raco_Settimelli / Kallas / 2009 / by OFFICINANOVE 
Kallas is a sculpturally-shaped steel lighting luminaire. It is available in a floor version or as a table lamp. The shape, together with the internal reflective body, is inspired by the calla lily flower. The internal reflective body is an appendage available in white-colored aluminum or polycarbonate to vary the visual effect. Due to its dimensions and esthetic aggressiveness, Kallas becomes the protagonist in the most exclusive of ambients. The generous base is further defined by the extremities of the scalene triangle, displaying extreme solidity. The light beam, which is more concentrated in the aluminum reflective body version, comes from a low energy light bulb with high luminous efficiency. The table version manages to offer the thrill of a floor lamp and the overall effect is enhanced when the lamp is mounted in groups of three, just like a bunch of flowers. The colors can be combined to offer a trendy and sophisticated luminaire, whilst a more respectful and linear effect can be created using black and white.