Lorenzo Damiani / Fel3 / 2005 / by COOP ITALIA  previous next 
Adhesive felt pad whose size can be adjusted thanks to the presence of three concentric modules that make it possible to obtain different measurements within a single element and to keep the unused part for another occasion. Sold in blister packs of 24 pieces (12 round and 12 square). The lower part of the package contains a «tool» made of sandpaper that can be used to clean the support before applying the felt pad. Square felt pad: 28 x 28 x h 3 mm; round felt pad ų 28 x h 3 mm; blister pack 33 x 13 cm «Fel3» was created for the «Design at the Coop» event, which saw the participation of a large number of young Italian designers, including Giulio Iacchetti, Carlo Contin, Joe Velluto, Donata Paruccini, Gabriele Pezzini, Matteo Ragni and Paolo Ulian. The aim of the operation was to bring into production innovative objects for mass consumption that could be marketed through the Coop sales network. Presented in the Fuori Salone during the Milan Furniture Show in 2005, some of these designs finally entered production in 2008. «Fel3» testifies the interest in focusing on marginal categories of product in order to subject them to genuine «re-invention». Here, for example, it is possible to avoid the use of scissors to get the felt pad to fit the support to be protected.