Marco Maran / Kubik / 2008 / by PARRI DESIGN 
Edges in motion and bold colours, a winning versatile combination. Kubik it's not simply a seat. It's extremely versatile and visually stimulating: it can be a bright stool today or an attractive and informal coffee table tomorrow, and when you put it away you can have fun in stacking it by building columns and shapes which enhance the room and create a perfect sculptural effect. The edges are highlighted by the 45 rotation during the manufacturing process. It is made of coloured rotational moulded polyethylene available in painted glossy finish in black, white, red and grey metallic; and in classic polyethylene in white, black, red, grey, blue, mustard yellow, brick red, green, fuchsia and orange. Kubik is easy to use, indoors or out, resistant to heat and sunlight.